There are several new posts up at Desperation and Destiny. The latest is a review of John Piper’s new book, Think, but there are also a couple of newer posts that deal with the sticky subject of church discipline. Here are some excerpts . . .

from Church Discipline: Who Does it and Why

The demise of practicing biblical church discipline has, unfortunately, resulted in the decline of piety within the church.  Thus, it is no longer shocking to hear that the church has ceased to be the moral compass of society.  Statistics show that many churches are comprised of men and women who live their lives in largely the same manner as those who do not attend church.  This is a travesty that must be corrected if the church is to be restored to a place of effective ministry in the world.  In order to accomplish this restoration, the church must necessarily renew the biblical model of church discipline in which all believers are responsible for restoring every brother, or sister, who has fallen to any known sin.

from Think

Piper is not concerned with teaching people how to think deceitfully in order to win arguments. Instead he wants to teach his readers to think honestly by learning the basics of grammar, logic, and authorial intent. Piper’s call to deep thinking is not intended to take us to impractical heights of doctrinal mysticism, but to take us deeper into the heart of God where our passion for His supremacy can be inflamed.

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