Clearly, we are going through some difficult things at NAC. Even the casual observer has notices that everything is not quiet on the western front. BUT, difficulties come and difficulties go. The true test is how we pass through them. Maybe a Case Study will be informative here:

Let us begin with a man named Saul (you can find his story near the beginning of 1 Samuel, in the Old Testament). Saul was a good-looking guy; he was the original “tall, dark, and handsome.” He was also the first king of Israel. This might look like a great job, but looks can be deceiving. Being the King of Israel was a difficult task. Saul had to put up with the petty squabbling of an entire nation, he had to defend his people from foreign enemies, and convince all twelve of the tribes of Israel that they should submit to his authority. Ultimately, Saul showed a lot of promise, but he was disobedient. In the midst of his difficulties, Saul ignored the command of God. He allowed his impatience and pride to trump what God had told him to do and he sinned grievously. To make matters worse, Saul did not repent of his sin when he was confronted with it. Ultimately, Saul lost his right to be king, and God chose another man.

That other man was David. David was the opposite of Saul physically. He was a scrapper of a man who was a physically average guy with a ruddy (that means reddish) complexion. David dealt with many of the same issues as Saul, and he had to deal with Saul himself – a disgruntled former king who wanted to murder his young replacement. After David became king, he also sinned grievously. Unlike Saul, however, David was confronted by the prophet of God and immediately confessed.

In difficult times, we have two choices; we can be Saul or we can be David. Will we be arrogant or will we be humble? Will we be repentant or will we deny our sin? Will we cover up our actions or will we confess them? Will we shrink back from the trouble or will we stand tall? Will we be cut down or will we grow up? God help us all (especially me) as we try to be more like David, and less like Saul.