Pastor Jamie just reviewed a book for Crossway Publishers. Check out what he had to say about Recovery and Redemption at his personal blog, Here is small excerpt . . .

Every night of the week, the church I serve (North Arundel Church) hosts recovery groups for those struggling against addictions (AA, NA, Al-Anon, etc…). These recovery groups serve a vital need in our community. Hear me clearly, I appreciate the recovery programs that help so many people get clean and stay clean. But, recovery without Jesus is not enough, or, in other words, recovery without redemption is not enough. Nearly every weekend I am confronted with stories of temporary victory that end in relapse – “I was clean from crack cocaine for nineteen months, but then . . . ” What I need, and what the people at our churches need, is to move beyond recovery and find redemption.

From Pastor Jamie:

Just so there are NO misunderstandings. Let me say it again, “I REALLY APPRECIATE THE RECOVERY PROGRAMS AND THE VITAL NEED THEY MEET IN OUR COMMUNITY.” I am NOT telling people to leave recovery, I am just urging people to move past recovery and toward redemption!