thoughts on leadership…

Sometimes I sit and think about the kind of church I want to pastor: is it big or small?; is it edgy or comfortable?; is it popular and cool or is it simply real and relevant?; is it new and fancy or is it ancient and powerful? These questions are fun to ponder, but they are largely a waste of time. Because the truth of the matter is simple: the church I want to lead cannot exist without my becoming the leader the church wants to follow. No matter what I want my church to be, it will always be a reflection of me because I teach what I know, but I reproduce what I am.

Now this is a humbling thought . . .  because this means that every time I get mad at a church-member for being too quick to dismiss someone else’s feelings I have to remember all those times when I modeled that type of behavior. Or, every time I feel like someone’s priorities are out of whack, I have to check my own.

Such is the life of a leader, but don’t feel to awful for me because it isn’t all bad. Sometimes my greatest joy is when I see those things that I am working on in my life, begin to take root in another’s. Like when I try my best to live as a Godly father and husband, and I see other men begin to change unhealthy attitudes and actions in order to be better daddies and lovers (of their wives!). Ultimately, I guess what I am saying is that the church I want to lead will look a lot like the man I want to be; so maybe there needs to be a bit more patience on my part as I ask for a bit more patience on your part. Over time, with a lot of work and whole lot more grace, maybe I can be the pastor you want to follow and you can be the church I want to lead . . . who knows maybe we’re closer to that than either of us know.